1. Far Away
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I lived days & nights like you
Everyone just passing through
Take all I can get in one day
Cause tomorrow seems so far away

Bide your time and test your luck
A little white pill, another quick fuck
In the whirlwind of street desire
You ponder your heart's own fire

Far away

Slick in the moment then predictably numb
Cross the street to another someone
You've had your high, you've had your fun
Crack a smile, what's done is done

It's always a thunderstorm in here
Without it the silence would hurt my ears
Best the lightning strikes my heart
Than for solitude to tear it apart

Far away

Through the chaos you're alone
A million miles from home
And all that you've ever known
Seems so far away now
It seems so far away now

Far away

31 Mar 2011