She walks the walk
She talks the talk
She stops the mouths from moving
She likes the dance
She'll take the chance
She knows exactly what she's doing

She'll make you look
She's read your book
Knows what you'll say before you say it
She'll play the game
You're all the same
In fact she'll teach you how to play it

What the hell is she doing with him?
She's inappropriate
The type you don't forget

Hottest girl I've ever met

She'll make you think
You're on the brink
of some fantastic romance
You'll lose your mind
Oh once you find out that you
never had a chance

She'll drive you crazy
Call you baby
Anything you want to hear
Such a pretty face
Put you in your place
She knows the end is near

The type of girl a man can't handle
She's such a tease
When you say "please"
She says, "I'm married dear"

Smartest girl I've ever met
Hard to handle one step ahead

She's inappropriate, Seductive, Such a tease, Flirt!

Hottest girl I can't forget

2012 26 Mar